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Mailbox or Virtual Address Subscription

  • Address Plus Mail

    Every month
    commercial address usage with virtual mailbox
     30 day free trial
    • Physical Address with suite number
    • Unlimited mail (we must automatically forward it when full)
    • Open & scans .25 per page
    • Forwarding fee $3 all contents in box plus postage Fee USA
    • Forwarding fee $10 plus postage for Intl plus large boxes
    • Shredding .05 per item
    • Free local pickup except for closed accounts
    • Storage fee .05 per item at facility over 30 days
    • 5 Recipients included and $1 for each additional
    • Faxing .50 per page incoming and out going
    • 24/7 online digital access to your mail
    • See picture of the outside of every mail item
    • Automatic email alerts for new items received
    • No contract, No prorates, No refund, cancel anytime
    • Prepaid no refunds, cancel prior to next billing cycle
    • Must submit a form 1583 with identification per recipient
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